People with the old version of infinite flight

If you have the ability I’d start saving for a device which can run global! 😉 I still have the pre global version. It’s on my iPad at home.

Thanks…but l am looking for at least a 8 inch tablet…not a phone… considering the Galaxy Tab S3… but it still won’t solve the wifi lag problem !!!

Just reread your reply…at this time you can not fly global solo because it has to be online to stream the graphics for the scenery… so that is not a viable option either !!!

You sure it’s not your Wi-Fi provider

A major part of it is my ISP… but l am in an area where there is no high speed DSL…and cable and satellite are absurdly expensive… particularly for continuously streaming graphics content… so l will just have to see what develops !!!

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The minimum requirement is Marshmallow. The newest Samsung flagship phones like the Note 8 and S8 aren’t even running Oreo, they’re all on Nougat. Oreo is still in the developer preview phases.

If we are talking a 64 bit cpu device… which l understand is required now… Nougat is the minimum required Android OS needed to run it from what l have read…Marshmallow and even Jellybean are ancient now… and were never designed to work with 64 bit operation…do not know about Kit Kat !!!

S7, G5 even Lollipop 5.0 is 64bit

Once more…l am referencing for a tablet that is 64 bit supported by the OS !!!

Nvidia K1 or another nvidia. They are 64 bit and probably around or near500
Actually, i just checked and they re 300
They are old but very powerful

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The few of you left who still choose to fly on the remaining old TS1 server…and still have the pre global version…l say knock yourselves out… because IMHO… it won’t be much longer before the next global update when the system forces you to upgrade…and your continuing use of it still for whatever purpose …hopefully will show a reason for maintaining its existence as long as possible !!!