People with the old version of infinite flight

I’ve found it very boring to play the old version of infinite flight (I haven’t got the update) since no one is playing and no ATC.If anyone can pls volunteer for live ATC to help the old version to stay alive

I don’t think anyone plays the old version anymore…


I still have the old version, if there is enough demand. I can open up in the Expert Server :P


There are so many I know them ,but they play solo cuz there is no one buying live

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I will make this comment… there was as far as l know… no notice given on the forum in advance before the regional servers were shutdown yesterday… since then l have found that the old TS1 was still kept active and is still being used by several pilots… however l guess my device is too old now to access it for whatever reason…as for global… the continuous graphics streaming constraints require more than just basic wifi to work smoothly… and there are still some areas of the country…believe it or not… where higher DSL speeds are not available yet… or else cable alternatives are prohibitively expensive IMHO… and lastly if net neutrality ends in two weeks… that might prove to be in the not too distant future…another important factor !!!


What does this have to do with the OP asking for a controller?

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Trust me, I am sure a lot of people have old devices they either refuse or can’t get the new update. I for one do, cause I want to get 50 likes on the Best IF photos when I post an old IF photo in 2 years


Aye @dush19 I have the old version also! Maybe we can fly sometime… ;)

I have the old version because I have an iPad mini 4 with infinite flight (Global) and a kindle fire with Infinite Flight (Old un-updated version) but ill try to get on

Thanks… but l really need an Android user who still has the pre global version …with a 32 bit cpu…standard back then … and Lollipop 5.02 to see whether they have the same problem when they try to access the old TS1 server !!!

There is only one old server left… and that is TS1…so you will be opening up somewhere in Cyberspace !!!

Why are all the severs gone , let’s have at least training server

Apparently no more live since they deleted the TS1 today

Or you could just upgrade…you can find new and used devices compatible with Global in the $200 range, sometimes even cheaper. I play the old version on my IPad and the new version on my IPhone.

Buying a new device doesn’t help everyone. Some people live in areas with poor internet and cellular service so this doesn’t help everyone.


I see your point. In that case, I myself would fly solo for the time being. Might not be as fun, but it is better than not playing Infinite Flight. Now, if not being able to upgrade at any point in their life is the scenario, there isn’t much that can be done.

You cannot easily find any Android 64 bit cpu devices for less than $500…they have only been around since last spring in wide distribution…and l believe they have to be running at least Nougat and preferably Oreo for the best operation particularly with the intense continuous streaming graphics element a priority !!!

As of the time of this post at about 1200Z …l still see several pilots able to access the old TS1 !!!

Lg v20= $300 new LGG6=$400 new
Both run noughat and have snapdragon 820/821

Not trying to prove a point, but you can find some Apple iPhone 6’s that are used for about $200-$400. iPhone 6 runs global very smoothly, and it’s fun.

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