People Trapped on a Jetstar 787 in Phuket

This Jetstar 787 operating JQ18 from Phuket to Melbourne had a technical delay (a broken electronic unit which controls the air-conditioning), and people were left stranded onboard the aircraft as the airline tried to resolve the issue. Passengers were then taken to the tarmac for 2 hours, and due to the heat, 5 people fainted and multiple others were hospitalised. The flight was due to leave at 10am on Friday, passengers were let off at 12:40am (yes, midnight) and the flight was rescheduled to 4pm Saturday.

Credits: Laura Beach-Mahone

Jetstar 787: Jetstar due to go all-787 for long-haul flying by September – Australian Aviation

“Finally after people continued to scream out to open the doors and one bloke fainted and started tripping out and a teenage girl began to have breathing issues, the decision was made to let passengers off,” a passenger said.

In a statement, Jetstar wrote “We apologise to all customers and thank them for their patience. The combination of technical issues with the aircraft and a customer needing to get off due to a medical condition meant a lengthy delay to the flight back from Phuket. Our cabin crew tried to make customers as comfortable (as possible), including providing cold water, while engineers were working on the aircraft. We have provided hotel accommodation and meals for all customers.”


So United want to remove you from the flight, Jetstar wants to keep you forever. Starting to think these airlines are crazy 🍍🦑🤦🏼‍♂️


Wait, they just threw the passengers onto the cement? Like just stand there doing nothing? Not even into the terminal?


Yep, pretty silly of Jetstar. They thought they could fix the issue in time.


I think it’s a necessary act if you are on the Maintenence Hangar. Like Spanair Flight 5022 did when they had an issue and decided to move the aircraft to the maintenence while waiting to get fixed with no A/C too. But that one wasn’t as long as Jetstar’s one in this case

Jetstar looked like wants to roast their passengers 😂


I would rather be stuck on a 787 than something else.


Didn’t that Spanair plane crash on takeoff?

Any ways, Jetstar is not having its best of days. Neither is the aviation industry.
737 max ENG problems
United Airlines Series of events
American Airlines incident
Delta airlines incident ( saw something about that on the news)
A few others


Yes, They were parked on maintenence due to an issue before getting taxied again if you see it from ACI 😉


Seen the episode two times. There was a problem with the alarm and they forgot to lower the flaps.


Poor passengers. Some years ago a Jetblue plane was stuck on the tarmac for 7 hours…



I don’t expect much.

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Personally, I think the 787’s electronic units should be more reliable at this stage.

Guess the only thing to do is Phuket. The reason that airlines keep passengers on that long is becuase the limit for compensation is 4 hours so until that limit is reached the airline can keep you on the ground on the aircraft delayed. Really thats too long of a time and should be reduced to 1 1/2 or 2 hours.


If I were on that plane I would say “aww Phuket”. It’s no surprise that something broke on the 787.


Seriously, that’s disappointing such a modern aircraft and state of the art for 6 years and also the most efficient aircraft in the world has a technical issue or any issue it’s just weird for that to keep happening (there was also an engine problem on other flights)

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And people questioned them being one the worst airline


Different countries have different rules for tarmac delays. But 14 hours on an airplane with no Air conditioning is a failure of leadership on behalf of the Captain, CoPilot, Lead FA and the company in general. There comes a point where if they wont let you off … get off yourself.

This level of incompetence is why american pilots continually mock foreign pilots. It has nothing to do with culture, religion, sex, creed, but the unwillingness to do whats right or common sense. Asiana 214 is a perfect example of not going against the grain for fear of retribution and an airplane crashing. I’ll stick to ANA or JAL when traveling in japan at least i know their crews are trained well!


Sorry, budget airlines, all crap, RyanAir, jetstar, tiget air, lionair. No matter whether they are owned by the best airline in the world, budget airlines are crap, don’t fly them. Don’t blame anyone but yourself if your plane’s gear collapses, you’re stuck on the plane cooking, or if a propeller falls off.

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Comon Qantas are good maybe not the best ;)


There are quite a few incidents with airlines going on these days, don’t you agree?