People that are annoying to atc

While in training server as an atc this person kept sending me duplicate messages. Have any of you had this problem(in training or expert server) mine happened in training server.

Also if there is a post similar or the same tell me so I can close this topic.

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Apart from telling them to Avoid sending duplicate messages, there’s nothing you can do as there not much of a consequence since it’s TS after all.

It’s training, I’ve never really had anyone listen to me.

True but this person was so annoying not only to me but to the other pilots by cutting them in line.

Again, that’s how Training Server is.

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There’s no threat of ghosting so no one cares

It’s more similar to casual than expert

Yup but if you are an ifatc have you ever had an experience like this.

I don’t know, I’m not IFATC myself. They have the power of ghosting so they can report them for spam. TS is a place to learn so mistakes are generally brushed off.

Yeah it’s a good thing that training server atc don’t, imagine that.

I personally haven’t had that experience but I have had people takeoff from a taxiway ram through others, etc… I would recommend to become an IFATC member. It’s a lot of fun and people usually listen! Check out the pinned topics in #atc for more info.

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I wish I could but I need to get 10 more operations first. I wish in training server there could be a mute button for annoying people though.

To be honest the best thing you can do while on training server is to ignore them, I know it can be really difficult but it’s is the really way. Also on Expert server no, us IFATC members do not allow or deal with these kinds of pilots because pilots are expected to follow the rules or else they will be ghosted (if deemed nessicary). IFATC is very fun though and its a great team to be a part of, I suggest you to join if you are interested :)


It happens sometimes and it’s very annoying. Once I wasn’t ATC but I was on the ground at KLAX, when some player spammed the same message about at least 20 times. Shortly after, the ATC surprisingly did the same thing so I just tuned out of the frequency. Nothing you can really do about it.

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Yeah but some players should not be as pushy as the ones who keep repeating a message over and over, there only needs to be one message.

Training server is almost becoming another casual server. I was flying there once and I couldn’t even get to the runway without getting “winged” by another plane and another plane taking off opposite of where I was supposed to take off. People really don’t listen on there anymore since they know that nothing bad will really happen since ATC does not have that much control and I believe that needs to change.

I do to, many people want to increase the requirements for expert server, and I think they should also increase the requirements for training server to. Those who want to treat this as a game and be reckless can do that in casual server

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