People sitting on the taxiway.

About 3 hours ago I went to go and monitor the traffic in the singapore region on the TS1 server. It was smooth, fairly light traffic. However 15 minutes in some inconsiderate person goes ahead and sits in the middle of the taxiway to runway 02C.

I come across the problem and have to tell people to just continue taxi as they were all stopping for the person.

However he sits there afk. I couldn’t just tell people to go to runway 02L as they were already near the hold short line. Even if I did I was using runway 02L for landing aircraft.
What I suggest is a option if someone stands still for too long on the taxi way (not the parking area) they get disconnected like this other inconsiderate troll.

Also possibly another command telling Aircraft to manover around the Aircraft. Or even a a command telling aircraft to pushback and hold short earlier.

Anyway what really disgusts me is the xp and level of this person who decided to go AFK on the taxiway for 40 minutes. image


We tell everybody the same thing;

Join the IFATC and control on Advanced, and you’ll have a more realistic experience. ;)