People Scared to Fly on Expert

Most of times with people complaint about
PG say they go there cause they are scared to go to advanced because they don’t want to be ghosted I hope to soon be a IFATC(need to do practical)but I know other controllers that do IFATC and when I fly they are some of the most patient people ever .You won’t imagine how much it takes to get ghosted so you have nothing to worry about but it is always good to be informed so read over the amazing tutorials on here don’t be scared I’m sure you will have a amazing time.Dont mistake there kindness for minor mistakes as weakness if you mess up bad your gone but be excited to fly advanced not scared


Some people might not find themselves ready for that skill wise. They do use the PG (Training Server) as both practice for controller and pilots

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Yeah. No need to be scared or worried to fly on the expert server. If you get ghosted, it’s because of your own immaturity. Learn on the training servers. Controllers give a warning prior to ghosting. If you get ghosted, you really must have caused a lot of disruptive action. We don’t ghost for simple mistakes.


It’s not scary. Just follow instructions and you will be fine. I had one guy go to land in my airspace but was to large. After I said please follow instructions he ran. We don’t ghost anyone that does the tiniest mistake.


Well wouldn’t you he’s scared if you had to scream in terro every time a plane taxied through you like a ghost? Those give me nightmares 😂😂😂

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Even these idiots weren’t ghosted




TBH the only reason a lot of us don’t go on Advanced is because we don’t fly often enough to get Grade 3.

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I have found grade 4s with around 100s of violations.


@nuoneswars…MaxSez: “Scared”, you jest. One learns thru trial and error on IF. Violation & Ghosting’s are just a part of the education process. Due the book work (Read the free FAA “Pilot handbook”, "Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge & the IF Tutorials IN THE ORDER OF YOUR PROGRESSION) Start off flying small (GA, C-172) and master procedure & technique. Due Touch & Go’s till your mind & butt hurt. Take on a new aircraft via the “Fly Solo” regimen in all Met conditions till you get it right. When you have the numbers & hours strut you stuff on the Expert Server without fear or favor. Look at your Violatons & ghosting as part of the right of passage. Conquer your fear, it’s a game, some call it simulation either or it will not bite you.


Nono I meant that I don’t have enough time to fly so I never am able to get the requirements for Grade 3.

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I went on yesterday In Sydney and it was chaos there were loads of planes cutting line and taxing through each other yet I received a do not cut in line message when I taxied further as I didn’t find it fair for me to take off before everyone else like the others in front of me did, then I let 4 planes go and decided to go and join the taxiway but the planes just go through you, people are so impatient and it turned out kept were grade 3’s but o reported them anyway

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I was scared to fly on Expert, (what was called Advanced at the time) for six months, and I was finally able to start doing some flights on Advanced.


We don’t want you to NOT fly on Expert server. We do want you to feel comfortable and most importantly follow all instructions if ATC is working. Contact myself or any other ATC , Mod or supervisor and we will be more then happy to help you.


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