People’s ViennaLine ERJ170LR @ St. Gallen, Switzerland (LSZR)

Hi everyone- I’ve been a bit inactive recently as I’ve been on holiday in Germany (Bodensee). While this trip is in no way a spotting trip, I did manage to catch OE-LTK. Here are some pics and info about the aircraft for those interested :)



Aircraft Info

Age- 14 Years
Type- Embraer ERJ-170LR
Last Flight- 11 Aug, LEIB-LSZR

Yes, according to FR24 this aircraft has been on the ground for 17 days 🤣

Oh and that flight it did was delayed for an hour and a half. So not good rep for PVL 😬


Some of your photos did not finish uploading.


I have now fixed it :) thanks for bringing it to my attention tho

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Great pictures! I love the area of that airport with the trees and hills in the background! 😍

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Thanks! And yes, it was one of the prettiest airports I’ve seen

The 4th picture is my favourite! Keep it up!

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