People pushing in and getting away with it


Hate to moan but this seems to happen far too often on the so-called expert server…

Blatantly pushing in line.

The two people in front of me, rightly, were given take off clearance before the offender.

Then I was not. He was allowed to push in front of me even after he duplicated his take off request after I made my take off request.

Controllers are either not paying attention enough or are allowing these people to get away with it.

I have been wrongly ghosted twice in the last 6 months (both revoked). It seems controllers on expert are getting worse.

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You may contact the controller if you have a comment to make about what occurred. I’d just like to point out that sometimes we don’t clear people for takeoff by order of request if another method would be more efficient.

Who was the controller if it was me we can discuss it if you want I’m controlling since 55minutes

I think it was the controller before you, it was about two hours ago.

Contact @Olivier999

Moved to PM😁

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