People on the runway when I land, suggestions?

In certain airports especially LAX and JFK there are people who taxi onto the runway when I am within 500-1,000 feet of landing. ATC directs me to land at the specified runways still. Should I abort and go around or resume landing? I know I am supposed to listen ATC as people said on a previous post of mine. I am just asking what to do. It usually occurs when I am 1 mile from touchdown. It is on TS.

Was this on the training server? If it was, either ignore or go around. It depends on the situation to be honest.

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That’s what you are going to get on the Training Server. I usually go around if there is someone on the runway I’m landing on.

Yes, training server. I am thinking of just going to expert. Should I abort in expert?

In expert nobody would get into the runway in the first place. However, if for whatever reason it does happen, you should definitely abort.

What would you do in real life? I certainly wouldn’t be landing on a runway if there’s a plane in the way, or anything in the way for that matter, so I would go around, and announce to ATC. There’s not much more you can do on TS except work towards the Expert Server.

It just gets tiring after the 3rd time going around.

It’s called training server for a reason.

I suggest ignoring people who don’t follow instructions, if you got the clearance to land and someone is on the runway, I personally would just continue inbound.

If it was on the expert server and someone taxied onto the runway, I would Go Around knowing the kid would be ghosted.


Eventually you’re going to have to just land regardless, as a result of either low fuel, or low patience. Since I’m obsessed with accuracy and realism, if the runway is still occupied after several approaches, I will divert. Does that make me a bit too obsessed?

This is bringing KNUC flashbacks.
*shudders *

Go around at all costs, go around’s save lives. Otherwhise divert to another airport that is less occupied like the others have mentioned above.

Reccomend check this tutorial by our awesome Pilot Community Manager Mark Denton, you can learn something you may have not known before ;)
Hope this helps, warm regards, 305…

That is it, I am going to get over my fears and move to expert.

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Uh Go around!. That’s my suggestion

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If your on expert that shouldn’t happen if it does the person on the runway will most likely get banned if the controller tells him multiple times. Also, on TS that’s just what you gotta expect at big airports. And if that happened just got around and don’t land on top of him

Go around, simple as that

As Mark Denton says in one of his excellent tutorials; always, but always obey ATC instructions UNLESS in doing so your aircraft is endangered. As PIC, the safety of your aircraft, crew and pax is ultimately your responsibilty. In your place, I’d have gone around just once and prepared to divert to a nearby alternative airport if the runway was again obstructed on your second approach.

If you need help to make sure you are ‘expert ready’ you should check out our #tutorials and if have any questions don’t hesitate to drop me a PM 🙂

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