People on carrier speaking into grey phones?

Hey everyone. Thought various forms of media (military videos, TV shows, and even Top Gun) I’ve seen workers on aircraft carriers (usually towards the bow or stern) talking into a grey phone. What are they communicating, and to whom?
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I assume they are just hardwired phones. Colour might mean insecure although for a ship it may be different.

It could even be this:

Weird question though but now I’m keen to know myself 😂


I think @Chatta290 is right. They use these phones to communicate with the bridge of the ship.

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I was under the impression these were landing signal officers talking with the pilot on final approach?

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Well I’ve seen footage of these people at the front of the ship as well, so probably not

do you mean the shooters that are at the waist when launching jets?

They are landing signals officers (LSO’s). They watch the aircraft on final and give landing cues. They often scream “power” into their headsets to the pilot. 😂 They are also in communication with the big tower in the background where the air boss sits.

Note the trigger above their head. That is for the optical landing system. It triggers different color patterns to the pilot for a wave off and such.


See the link for some in-depth info on carrier landing ops.
It truly is ballet.

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