People on 4 different South West flights have been warned about exposure to Measles. [closed]

The news article is below :

With this on going incident Southwest have said that their fleet is subject to rigorous cleaning. Please read to find out more…

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Not the airlines fault, but I’d hold off on flying Southwest for a while. Could happen to any airline - but let’s just hope it doesn’t.


So guys what do you think?

While it’s not exactly the airlines fault, it also kinda is. If you allow free seating, it should also be your responsibility to somehow warn the passengers that end up near the ill passengers about it, with how contagious it is.

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Yeah that’s also a important factor to consider.

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It’s not the airlines fault. SWA can’t determine who people sit by on the flight. They also can’t determine if people are sick or not. Even if they do look sick, they really can’t do much about it.

@jdag2004 why not fly the airline? Makes no sense. 4 flights of tens of thousands had measles on the flight. Those are pretty slim odds of you being on a flight that has measles on it.


Yeah but you’re saying there’s a chance 10,000/4 so there is still a possibility. But a fair post.

That’s basically saying not to fly an airline because it had a crash happen in the past. Anything happening to us has odds, some higher than others, but does that stop some from doing stuff? I’m not saying that it couldn’t happen to you, but I feel like it’s nonsense saying not to fly the airline

He did say for a while.

I think you may have taken my comment too seriously. I wouldn’t risk it with my luck either, not to mention SWA themselves say that their planes need a deep cleaning.

If you want to argue even more feel free to hit me up through PM.

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This topic was and still is People on 4 different South West flights have been warned about exposure to Measles. So no more arguing it will be taken to PM or posts will be flagged 🚩 on a happier note feel free to post comments.

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Another reason why I would be worried is because in the article it said that some other passengers from the South West flights then went on to travel in other aircraft.

If on other airlines, the CDC is notifying of ill passengers, it’s mostly likely no different for Southwest; it seems they should know about the ill passengers.

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And everyone is overreacting. Not the airlines fault. People don’t need to fly when there sick


😂 True people should avoid flying when sick, but if the airline is allowing the sick person to fly, it shouldn’t be at the cost of other passenger’s well-being.

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