People Offended by T-Shirts Promoting a Message on Airplanes

Got an interesting one for y’all today.

Warning: It’s late so I’m extra biased and spicy.

Alright, idk where to start.

So I was scrolling through my avgeek news feed and I stumbled upon this. A United Airlines Passenger wearing a shirt that said, “Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some assembly required.” A passenger, who happened to be the brother of a Business Insider Journalist took this picture and considered his humorous shirt a “death threat”. Then, he complained to United CSAs (Customer Service Agents). The CSAs basically said he can wear that, you can switch flights. He said no thanks and continued on the flight. If you were legitimately concerned about a death threat, you certainly wouldn’t be on an airplane with that person. This story makes a great headline, but is a bunch of baloney.

Now onto storytime…

About a month ago, I was flying a Horizon Q400 from Seattle to Redmond. There was a man on the flight with a shirt that said, “naughty word gun control,” with two AKs replacing letters in the naughty word. Now, he got a few disgusting looks, but mostly got compliments and joked around with other passengers. Now if I really wanted to, could I have said, “I feel threatened”? Of course, but it also was a joke, showing his political view.

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I mean it’s free speech, so he has a right as stated in the First Amendment to wear that shirt wherever he pleases. And the CSAs at United did tell the complaining passenger that he/she was allowed to switch flights if he/she does not feel comfortable with a fellow passenger.


Exactly what I was saying.

After some consideration, I decided to remove my comment. We are far away from the topic of aviation here. This topic deals more with the behavior of people and the expression of political opinions in public places. I ask myself if the IFC is the right place for it. It’s up to the moderators to decide. It is a controversial subject for which many people have different opinions.


Yes this is America you can wear whatever you want, does it mean you should? No… use common sense about things…
This is why aliens don’t visit Us


Not #real-world-aviation related.