People not listening to ATC - Something needs to happen!

You can’t

gotta ask a mod

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You can edit your post.

This is a problem I hate
Because you can’t listening always to the ATC because Some ATC are really really bad

Good statement! Besides the language… Anyway people who don’t listen to ATC instruction should be punished, not only on advanced server but on playground too. This would help make the playground what is was meant to be. Not a breeding ground for trolls.

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Maybe there most come a team that fly around in ATC playground who can ban People

This may help you.

Then you need 3 People

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There are many other threads with complaints and proposals. For future reference , if you have a complaint please complain on an already existing thread. There’s no need for multiple complaint threads.

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I agree some are bad but if your telling them to make. 360 you can easily look at the map and see the traffic around and understand why the atc of giving you such instructions

Yes I agree with that

The most People on ATC playground don’t know What radar vectots mean

@DS2001 you should look at this:

Relates to what you were saying in a way.


Yes I know

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Complaining on an existing thread dosent help because people don’t see it you have to go and search…I think exposing people on a separate thread with pictures/screenshots would help and maybe then the moderators can step in maybe lower their xp back to the free flight server… 3 hits on report (if your lucky that others report them) dosent really do it justice in my oppinion

Maybe they most also look What it means if they don’t know something
The only solution for me is go to advance server

Test to become advanced. Because then you won’t have this issue. That’s what I recommend.

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Same here dude

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Actually once you comment on a thread it jumps back to the top so everyone will see. Making multiple threads about the same thing just clogs up the forum with a know problem that is being worked on.

I’ve been flying on the advanced server for a while and I can honestly say that I cannot go back to the playground server without getting angered by someone doing something inappropriate.


Was it at KNUC? That not moving guy was me.