People not following ATIS instructions

How many times does ATIS say straight out departures only and somebody just has to say departing west, north, south, and east. I was flying near KLAS today and it said straight out departures only and as I was taking off some on from runway 19R intercepted my line almost having a mid-air collision I personally think that there should be serious action taken against this as it is expert server and what the point in having a professional server where people are doing this I do appreciate the expert server but i still think its taken a little too lightly at times.

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Do not worry :)

If in the ATIS says “Straight out departures only”, the pilots have to depart in the runway heading and they can change direction at least 6 nm away from the runway.

If they don’t follow that instruction, they can be ghosted. Also, I made recently a post about following ATIS instructions. These are things that commonly happen and we, as a community should work to teach people how to read ATIS (even if there are many tutorials and it’s not hard to understand it).

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I did read this but some ATC out their still don’t ghost people
and i do know 6 nautical miles but that incident was straight after take off so

The best thing to do is contact the controller,r if you can’t find them then feel free to message an IFATC member or create a topic to find who it is. There usually is a warning given and usually they will only get ghosted immediately for not following ATIS if they conflict with other aircraft. But as always the controller will explain their reasoning and hey maybe they should have ghosted and regret not doing so. It’s always a possibility.

That is a possibility but the amount of pilots that are bothered to do so are very few and it overall just comes to initiative

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