[People Needed] A Thomas Cook Sendoff (Fly In)@ EGKK - 292330ZSEP19

Please find the official event here:

Thank you to Thomas Cook VA for letting me assist in planning. May they continue to thrive.


@Mattheus, FYI the date of this (Sep 22) was this previous Sunday😂👍 it’s next week in the post. Your time is also incorrect, it doesn’t match your time converter.

Bruh. I have an outdated calendar. I will fix it in a bit.

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Sign me up I will take a a321 to LIRF

what aircraft are there in IF for Tomas Cook?

Why EGLL not one of their hubs?

I’ll be tower

I’ll be ground control

Bit unrealistic knowing EGLL is its fly in point. I would’ve picked EGKK or EGCC

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Here at TCVA we are organising an Official Event and details will be released shortly. I can contact you if you would like to know!

I will be signing over this event to TCVA. My apologies for not consulting with them first. I will close this as soon as things have been worked out.

Thank you.

I’ll be approach

Closed on author’s request.