People Need To Stop Complaining about Training Servers

Attention Forum Goers,

I have just completed a full 3 hour flight on TS1 in the Australia region. And before you go “here we go again another complaint” - thats the opposite of what im doing. In my 4 years of IF this was by far my favorite flight:
The pilots were RESPECTFUL and COURTEOUS
Nothing went wrong

Now after finishing this flight and coming onto the forum all I see are complaints, complaints and even more complaints about the alleged “stupidity” of those on the training servers. Now I believe I have a SOLUTION for all of these complaints:
JUST STOP Grit your teeth and try hard. If you were really in the position to complain you should be flying on the expert server to be honest. Everyone need to quit complaining and work your way up. We all have to start somewhere and if you are a good enough pilot as you think you are you should have been flying on the expert server by now.

Now I understand the busy regions can be frustrating but where do you think your endless wining will get you - the Devs are focused on Global and if you really want to delay that be my guest complain to your hearts content over how someone 6 months ago cut across you whilst waiting in line for taxi.
So in short - Buck up, grit your teeth and keep your head down.

Yours Sincerely Me.

P.S. for this who innevitably says there aernt that many complaints these took me 30 seconds to find:


Glad you have a nice flight. Closed this as it has been discussed before, however it’s still appreciated so I’ll keep it listed 🙂