People mover at San Francisco?

Hi! I don’t know what category to put this in so I’ll leave it in general.

At some 3d airports, including Rome Fiumicino and Tampa, the tracks for the airtrain/people mover are modelled. We also have an airtrain at SFO, as shown below:

I was wondering, will the 3d tracks/platforms be added to SFO in a later update? We already have the Hyatt and the Long Term Parking in IF, so I can imagine that this may also be added.

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Indeed it depends on the publisher, it seems to me that an airport can be reworked and thus have new buildings and be more beautiful.
For more information I ping IFAET members:

@Maxime_Flying @Mathurin_Garcier

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I don’t think any airports currently feature air trains. It would be a nice addition to the airport editing options however.

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As airports get older, they often tend to be worked on, improved, or even completely overhauled such as JFK. A few airports do have basic layouts of the airtrains built in as they are all a lot newer (as mentioned LIRF and KTPA were made a lot later than SFO was).

What’s not to say SFO will be overhauled in the future? :)


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