People messing around

I’m getting annoyed with people messing around on Grade 2, when people are trying to fly a route like real life, currently doing atc at KLAX (Ground) and got someone in a C-17 just sat blocking the run ways, lucky that the game allows you to go through another player, but still, could more be done to stamp down on people that mess around at grade 2 level?


Become a Grade 3 user and fly with pro people on the Expert Server where almost everyone behaves ok


They are a bunch of 5 year olds on the other side of the globe, so not much sorry


I’m trying my hardest but, the target to reach Grade 3 is massive and I understand why, I thought messing around just happens on Grade 1, stupid me lol


Totally agree with that lol, I’ve been struggling to find a decent flight to do that’s short and allows me to use a plane with actions, but irl none go from the UK with a A220 or B757-200


Unfortunately, that’s the training server… Nothing much anyone can do on there as IFATC are not allowed to control on TS, and they’re pretty much the only ones (next to moderators, supervisors and staff, I know I know) who can report folks.

Best thing you could do is keep flying untill you reach grade 3, and enjoy the safe (often) moderated skies of the expert server! Where usually everyone behaves the way they should :DD

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If you ask me I guess people like to mess around in Training Server because it has ATC and that there will be some(like me) who tries to conduct realistic flights in there and they may want to annoy.

So just grind to grade 3 and you’ll enter a world where almost all abide by the rules and tries to keep things realistic like what @InfiniteFlight_Shots said

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