People lining up at the wrong end of the runway

Are you referring to the incident with Korrean 1 at EDDF on the Expert Server earlier?

We train people to be better and not worse than they are. Therefore the wrong thing must not be encouraged. If it’s indeed a training server, people should be trained to do the right thing.


No just a genral problem I notaced as ATC on training

MaxSez: Which End is the Wrong End?

The end that the ATC isn’t using or told you to do ;)

@Maxmustang The wrong end is the end you taxi and takeoff on that you didn’t request. When you request 7L you don’t takeoff 25R. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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@Matthew_Chan @Delta_Alpha_Lima… MaxSez: If ya just cast a bit of bait in IF waters your sure to get a bite or two. 2 in the guppy box, Next


Max, I think my line is stuck on something big. Phew it’s heavy…


Yeah… but that never works…

It’s true, a while back I didn’t know that.

It never works because nothing will work, but it’s the only thing you can do. People are going to do what they want when there is no penalty for failing to follow instructions.

We need the penalty for going over 35 knots back. That will weed out some trolls.

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Having ATIS available would be a big help…

SetvAuto dependant on wind according to METARS and able to be changed


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