People lining up at the wrong end of the runway

I have noticed that sometimes people line up at the wrong end of the runway and there us no direct way for ATC to tell them to go to the other end so I wanted to ask other ATC people who know more than me how they deal with this

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It’s the Training Server. You don’t have any control over those pilots unless they have been ghosted or something as such.

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You just have to give them a “please follow instructions”, “taxi to runway x, contact tower when ready”. Happens all the time. Unfortunatly you may have to clear them for takeoff if they are persistent. They usually enter the runway after 4 calls back and forth.


Well thanks for trying to help, sounds like somthing we have to deal with

As an IFATC member, I do exactly what @Trio just said and then I ghost after a few minutes. I had to do that very thing yesterday


What if you are tower, there is no way to tell them to taxi to other end

If you are tower tell them to contact ground, please follow instructions. Then punt your cat.

I would just clear em for takeoff on the end they’re on, and then move on.

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Are you doing both GND and TWR? If so then you you can give instructions on which runway to go. However on TS1 not everyone listens to ATC,

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Unfortunately no. Just tell them to contact ground and they give them taxi instructions.

It could also be the case that their map shows that end green instead of where you instructed them to go. Happened a couple of times with me whilst controlling.
If this happened on TS, I would suggest to live with it as there’s not much you can do about it. If you are really into ATC, contact a recruiter after reading through the requirements here:


On the TS1, you just have to find ways around it. Sorry

Sometimes seems like at bust airports like LAX ground just says continue taxi wich makes people think they can go whare ever they want, and they dont get corrected and just go to the nearest runway

Red does not mean the runway is closed. Green isn’t gospel. If that is what you are talking about.

Edit: What I said is true but disregard this message. Misunderstood what you were trying to say. I’m red green colorblind, I check the METARs. Lol

I’ve never said it means anything, but it seems to mean something for some.
Not to mention that sometimes the traffic flow dictates which runway is in use regardless of the runway colour, as it would make more issues to turn all of them around, especially on TS, where you only need 1 person who will land on the opposite side of the runway just right into the traffic on short final, or before touchdown.
As I suggested to @KPIT, he should keep up the good work on TS to gain more experience, then consider to apply for IFATC. If you don’t get discouraged by controlling on TS, after passing all the tests with with IFATC and getting access to it, you will appreciate controlling on expert more. This is the learning curve we all have to go through.

And @Trio, the previous reply indeed to go for the OP, not on your post. Sorry about that.

Edit: yeah, just read your edit. I thought that there’s some sort of confusion. 😂


You would simply give them the command to back Taxi. @Trio @KPIT
Back taxi runway 25R, line up and wait

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Haha no. Depends on the length of runway. That would be a bad idea at KLAX. Exit the runway or takeoff.

I just joined the IFATC and it’s so much better. You should do the same if you’re interested.

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He asked how would you tell them to go to the other end, telling them to back taxi would be the correct way of telling them that they are at the wrong end…

Not if you have inbound traffic. Back taxing all the way down to 36R KDFW at max 60knts would be ridiculous. Cue the go around song.

EGLC yes, back taxi.

Edit: This is assuming you have traffic and people holding short at 36R KDFW.

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