People landing on closed runways without ATC on expert

Hey everyone I am not here to brag but I have heard from other people that if there is no IFATC then they can do what they want what I would like to see is actually some realism and not just laziness because I have seen it when I was taking off on runway 07 at Sydney International there was a grade 3 person landing on runway 16R and it was closed everyone if you are going to make a FPL and the runways change on which ones are closed and which ones are open Everyone please only land on open runways unless ATC instruct you to land on a different runway

It is an unspoken rule to me. However, if the runway is positioned like Lukla, then it is a different story.

Just because it’s a red color indicated runway doesn’t mean it’s closed. People can still takeoff and land at that runway, just that the winds don’t favor that side of the runway due to strong tailwinds or crosswinds. Therefore, ATC can utilize red indicated runways as well.

But if the traffic flow is from the red side of the runway, don’t file your fpl in the opposite direction of the traffic flow even if you’re in Unicom just because you want to use the green side.

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I have always used the green side

It is really only a guidance, red ones are easy than orange ones as the wind is pushing with you instead of pushing you sideways. So this guidance is really up to your skill, it also depends on Noise restrictions and mountains being in the way

What if you are the only on at that airport?

Doesn’t mean you can’t use the red side. The takeoff/landing is a slight bit trickier due to tailwainds or crosswinds, that’s all.

So the different colours mean the difficulty in take off’s and landings

I think in real life if there’s no atc you can land on either side too

But would closed runways be added to infinite flight because that would be cool

Question answered, aaand then it started to derail.