People in the forum being harsh to new members

Hi my name is Mohammed you can say I am a bit new on the forum.

Today I want to tell you the reasons why i maybe am not going to last in the community forum…

This community is a bit harsh because anyone who is new and writes a comment they would probably have a member or a regular (that in my case) saying you cant do this and that in a very unfriendly way.
There was a point where i was almost afraid to even write a comment and not be humiliated in front of everyone. Do not get me wrong I love this game but recently the community has become toxic in a indirect way .

Thanks i hope you guys understand why i might not last .


I understand what you mean, some replies can be really harsh and rude. People can just bash you, but in reality they’re just trying to help. Most of us want to help you figure things out so if you ever have any questions, you can message me


Thanks for understanding .


I understand.
People need to be welcoming just Like you would in a real community.


I’m sure you’re not alone who feels this way. My only reassurance that I can provide to you is that the Moderators are always on the lookout for this sort of unwelcoming behavior and deal with it accordingly. It does slip once in a while (perhaps now a bit more than before), even by the regulars on the forum. I’m sorry you felt that way, but hopefully this won’t be an issue for much longer.

Take care! :)


Users who are harsh can be a real pain, and I can certainly say I was once in your position. Of course we have to adapt to every new user, and personally when we are almost constantly reminding or welcoming a user is a bit like a broken record but we have to stick to it, knowing that they haven’t had that experience.

Apologies if you feel any way offended by our ‘quick movements’ or ‘gestures’ in a topic, usually members will rush to the topic first to post, creating short and sharp direct messages. We are all slowly shaping ourselves to learn not to type when another user capable of giving the correct information is already replying, and many other stuff that can just be annoying to new users.

Coming out is what helps us as a community, and it helps us realise, that we are actually all trying to help, but not really doing so when posting quickly. It shapes us, to support you, helping the both of us.


I totally agree with you, and even recently i’ve seen it become more of an issue each day. It can definitely feel intimidating to ask questions. But feel free to ask any one of us if you ever need anything 🙂


Don’t worry, when i was TL3, i made a huge mistake and posted said mistake i got ripped apart😂 take it with a grain of salt, some people aren’t trying be rude, just comes off like that because how it’s worded. I know the feeling and it’s not pleasant, but maybe PM someone, and talk to them, and they can give you a run down on everything, lots of how the forum works is in #meta and how TL works and you can find the TOS which i believe has the rules in it when you click on the 3 lines in the top right corner, some people type faster then they think. But shoot me a PM and i can help you with any questions or concerns, and if you have an issue in the future, PM the person and don’t continue conversation in that thread. Mods are here to help as well, if you have an on going issue with someone don’t hesitate to let them know


Your experience is often too common on the forum. People see trust levels as a game, and often try to farm for likes rather than actually being kind and helpful. I hope a solution is on the horizon!


The problem is that posts have drifted from putting emphasis on quality rather than quantity. It’s sad that new users feel unwelcomed here as this is such an nice community. It is never anyone’s intention to make anyone feel intimidated in the IFC, my apologies to all that feel this way.

I think in my honest opinion, correcting new users(maybe all in general) ought to be in a more empathetic way considering that we were all once new users. I hope you enjoy the IFC and hope to see you around.



That might be the root of all this actually. Off late many posts(including some of mine sadly) have been lacking in quality compared to a year or 2 ago. It’s like emphasis has shifted to getting ‘the shiny regular title’ instead of actually offering genuine assistance. A culture change is seriously needed.


I’m really sorry to hear that. Trust me as a female here initially it was really tough. Of course there’s some negative comments here and there and hopefully that’s sorted soon but the bigger picture is people might just come off like that but they’re a lot nicer than you think.

I’ve been around here for 3 years and I’m at Member level and I really hope you stick around to end up like me or even better😊. All these issues you feel will be sorted by the moderators surely. Once again, I’m really sorry😊.



I’m going to throw an idea out there…

It can be argued that most of the rude and quick fire response we see are aimed towards having better ‘stats’ and thus a higher chance at becoming a higher trust level (regular in particular). What if, to reach regular, it would no longer be a numbers game at all? That is - all regulars are to be promoted/ demoted manually? This means that people will post quality responses to be recognized, rather than quick fire ones to boost their stats up.

Once again, just an idea out there. I’m not entirely sure how practical it may be.


Hi there, and welcome to the forum.

The forum is experiencing a rise in the number of online members due to the situation going on in the world which may help to explain why so many people are willing to help.

This community is a very large community which has its own moderation challenges. We have a lot of members who were once new and are anxious to help out. Over time it is easy to forget what it is like for new members to join and not know many of the rules that people have become used to. It takes time to review all the various posts, categories, and to dip their toes in the water before posting.

I don’t think that the members were trying to be rude or mean in any way. If you feel this in a reply please utilize the flagging feature and it will notify a member of the moderation team. With the increased traffic we are not able to view every reply in a timely manner so please flag posts as needed.

For everyone else please try to put yourself in the user’s shoes.

  • Don’t just reply with a three word answer. For example, share a link with the instructions to clearing the cache instead of just telling people to do it.
  • Let the staff and moderators work the #support category. Unless you are completely sure of the resolution most of the time it is just going to confuse users having multiple people giving conflicting answers. Most of the time the original poster has not supplied enough information to make an educated guess.
  • Keep in mind that we have users of all ages from all over the world. Sarcasm and jokes may not translate very well so be please informative in your posts.
  • This is not a chat room. Please do not treat it as such.

Thank you for everyone’s participation during this time of increased usage. Stay home, stay safe, and fly something :)


You make a really good point but the thing is this is a really large community…don’t know how the mods can pull that off😭



Like I get the point, but everyone should be entitled to their own opinion, and If OP feels this way, he should be able to express it


100%. I was like many of the members here a year or so ago. Trying my hardest to get likes, just so that I could receive some meaningless title. If I’m being honest, regular needs to be selectively given by mods and staff, not by a system.


I don’t mind this, however, it would be kind of a pain for mods to watch users to see who to promote.


If any of you have a question on how we moderate, please feel free to message a moderator.


There are around 70 regulars at the moment, and sure it may increase the workload of moderators but surely the benefit of having much more quality responses overweighs extra moderation time?

Plus, moderators are looking at the forum most of the time and I’m sure they can spot users who contribute outstandingly and those who are subpar. In fact, they demote ill-gained regulars already. So, I’m not sure how much ‘extra’ moderation time they actually would require. Perhaps, it may be less than we might initially anticipate.

Once again, it’s just me thinking out loud.