People in a chat

How many people are allowed to be in a chat??

I think it’s 30.


Ok thanks. Let me check something real quick


@Asher Ok so we have 30 in the chat but @system is in there and is there a way to remove it?

System will kind of always be there lol. I don’t think it counts as a person though.

Apparently it is because we have 30 but I can’t add one more person. 30 including system

And system was added because someone removed themselves

You can probably remove it then. I’d see if you can try to. It’ll rejoin though if it needs to.

Ok, I can’t remove it tho. I will see if the person who made the chat can remove it

Yes. I think only the person who made the Pm can do that.

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Discourse isn’t really designed for long 30 people PM “chat rooms”. I suggest you move over elsewhere (Slack, Discord are both good options), otherwise you may find quickly find the limitations of this platform for chat room purposes just like having a max of 30 people in a PM.


That’s a great idea. Thanks @Maxim


Darn so it looks like you can only have 8 people in slack 😭

You can create a free Slack plan that can hold much more than eight people.

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This is the IFVARB slack so I don’t know the plan. But I got a warning saying that only 8 people are allowed

I usually use discord for my group chats. Although usually i use IFC but none have gone over 30.

Lol yeah… the Plane and Pilot slack has 251 members

But like this isn’t a channel it’s just a direct message

Yeah, just create an entire server. We have one for Texas people.

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Ohhhh that’s not a bad idea