People flying gigantic traffic patterns

This is a short rant, but it’s bothering me so bad. (ARRRRR)
I don’t know why people always extend downwind to get a 10 mile final! The only thing I see is that you are clogging up the traffic of the airport. 10 mile finals are for straight ins, not pattern work! I believe even an AN-225 can turn base to get a 7.5 mile final. Next time you are doing pattern work, tighten up a little bit. Get your clearance to land, turn base at 45 degree of your runway and use 20-45 degree bank angle, be at 1.3 Vs0 on final, and touchdown at first 1/3 of the runway. I am a F-14 player so sometimes I do 60 but I don’t believe that airliners should do 10 degrees of bank. Let me know how do you guys think about massive traffic patterns pls.

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It’s the same old group of people. If they want to learn they can but if they don’t want to then unfortunately there isn’t much to do especially if it’s on the training server.


Yeah, training server has more towers that’s why I play them. I usually give them pattern instructions and when I am flying, if I got the clearance I cut in line to show them how it supposed to be done.

Judging by your name and the flight procedures you outlined you attend, or have attended, ERAU. Which campus? I am a current student, and yes I agree with you on the patterns some people do extend them far too much. Sad to say about 1.5 years ago I was one of them.


I am in Prescott campus!


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