People Don't Know How to Fly The 737 Series

I have noticed over the past week or so that people don’t know how to fly the 737-800 properly. Takeoff speeds should be around 165-170 kts at 75% load in the -800 as opposed the the 145-150 kts for the -700. This is because the fuselage is much longer in the -800 and if there is too much pitch on rotation it will cause a Tail strike. Try to keep around 5 degrees pitch on takeoff Also while landing the -800 speed should be around 145 its and you should not exceed around 4 degrees pitch. I have been observing on the advanced server and people are constantly tail striking because they try to fly the -800 with the same speeds as the -700. I am not an aviation expert but this is what I have been observing.


i take off around 200 kts because of weight, i get good take offs around 200 its, weight can also effect the take off

That sounds really fast, what do you have your flaps at and how heavy are you making the plane. I usually take off at around 170 its when the plane is at 75% aka the heavy setting.

No matter what your weight is, you should never have your rotation speed at 200kts. That’s crazy fast. Your tires would practically burn up. Make sure you’re using a correct flap and trim setting.


You wouldn’t even take off that fast in an A380. You should be taking off at 156 knots.

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At 75% load without tail striking I can’t get the 738 it off the ground at 156 kts. The 738’s and 739’s sit very low as opposed to the a380 where you can rotate to around 10 degrees without a tail strike which makes it so the a380 can safely take off at a lower speed

Do you use 10°-15° of flaps? You must take off with flaps.

I usually take off with 10 degree flaps. If I had my flaps at 15 I would be able to take off slightly earlier

I usually don’t tailstrike, even with the same configuration you use.


I always take off at around 140 kts. The plane will vear to the right when it is past its takeoff speed, so be aware!


@the_simulation_nerd is absolutely correct.
Rotation speed in the 800 is about 155kts, given an average load with 5-10 degress of flaps. Otherwise, I would blow right past the optimal safety-speed of 165kts.
I usually operate at about 60% load with five-degrees of flaps, ten if I must have consideration for an altitude constraint.


Rotation attitude for the 737 series is between 6 and 8 degrees.
This applies for both takeoff and landing, and should allow for sufficient tail-clearance.

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In infinite flight it looks like 8 degrees would be cutting it really close but 6 degrees is good

I will decrease the load, I’m usually taking off with 75 percent load

140? Seems slow for the -800, what weight is the plane?

I don’t know, medium I guess …

Most people can’t land it either.
When I’m controlling and it’s not too busy I stalk other players’ landings and some really pull up the nose like they would flare an A318 or A319.

During which stage of the actual landing, before crossing the threshold, just after?

When they flare.

That is quite vague.

Some “real” 737 pilots split the actual landing into two or three different stages.

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