People being Trolls on Expert Server!

Ok so, I was just trying to fly normally on Expert Server then this happened,

These guys are sooooo Close to each other!

Display Names:

Look at that!

They didn’t go around even when so close!

They were both on the runway!

Proof that this was on Expert Server:

I hope they get a Level Three Violation! This has ruined my experience so please have them gone. Thanks for viewing.


Ten character count

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How did they not get reported ?!

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Uncontrolled airspace.

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What airport???

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Was there ATC at miami today?

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Miami KMIA. There was no ATC. It was In Infinite Flight Posts stream.

there is a lot of people there :)

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Happy Flyin’ Guys! See You later :)

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This definitely shouldn’t happen on Expert. From experience though; if this behavior happens once, there’s a good chance that it’ll happen again when IFATC is present. 👻