Pentagon’s Aerospace Program To Reveal UFO Findings

Pentagon’s Aerospace Program To Reveal UFO Findings

Yes, you heard this right. Just around 20 hours ago, a New York Times article was posted new information about Pentagon’s U.F.O unit. After interviewing several people involved with the aerospace program, here’s what we know:

  • The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was a predecessor to the current UFO unit. The unit was created in 2007 & was dismantled in 2012.

  • New research in 2017 revealed that the unit was still operating. This unit has been operating under the supervision of the Defense for Intelligence, while working with the Office of Naval Intelligence.

However, the New York Times adds that former Program Director Luis Elizondo, who resigned in October 2017 after working with the program for 10 years, has confirmed that this new task force is an evolution of the previous program.

“It no longer has to hide in the shadows. It will have a new transparency.” - Luis Elizondo

However, there’s more information about this task force & about the examination of a unidentified flying objects:

  • Last month, a Senate committee report touched upon the spending for the agencies that run the nation. Among these agencies was the "Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force” which is supposed to collect information about reporting & observations on sightings of unexplained aerial sightings.

  • It seems “unusual metallic objects" were retrieved & later identified to be man-made. Later, astrophysicist Eric W. Davis, who works for a defense contractor told NY Times that several times when they examined the objects, they were unable to find a source. This led the scientists to conclude that they couldn’t make the materials. Soon after, Davis said "he gave a classified briefing to a Defense Department agency as recently as March about retrievals from “off-world vehicles not made on this earth.”

Here’s some more information about the article talking about this task force. I’ve decided to not include a few things about the program here, but you are free to check this article out. This article was published yesterday (07/23/20)

In truth, due to the lack of known information (because of classified information), it’s a bit difficult to take all of this in. However, that’s why the UFO unit making their findings public, so that the public knows what information is correct & false. We’ll get to know about whether about what the U.S. Government has been up to so far.

I hope you enjoyed this read. Feel free to drop your comments on what you think about the task force, UFOs, & any additional thoughts about this topic. I’ll keep you updated about any new findings we get.

I’ll leave y’all with this last one: I saw a coincidence soon after reading this - Tyler flying the fabled Avrocar. Do we have UFOs or aliens in the IFC? I guess we’ll never know… 👽


Interesting topic! Not surprised hat they hid this program form many year,

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Just another day in 2020.

Either way, it’s exciting to finally see something like this go public.


I’m gonna make a parody of Greenday’s song called “Wake Me Up When 2020 Ends”👽

There are aliens, end of story.

Just a joke folks. Don’t take this reply to heart.

Great topic @ran! Quite interesting to see the government finally opening up.

Yep @AGForLife & @Ishrion, we might finally get to know a sense of what sort of research may be taking place in the agency. Hopefully, although unlikely, we might get to know a bit of what’s going on in Area 51.


Well, not quite. There’s no hard evidence just yet.
We’ll only get to know from the govt. if there is any evidence & whether it’s valid or not.

Wow! What an interesting read. Thank you for writing this up, I really enjoyed it!

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The truth is out there 👽

Looking forward to it. Earlier this year Pentagon declassified UFO videos taken by Navy pilots.

Anyone else binge watch Project Blue Book from the History Channel?

all I have to say: heck yeah

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