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Hai all…I’ve shared and write a few post two days ago. But I don’t see my post anywhere. Is it still pending? Nothing in my draft and summary. How i check if it is still pending?

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Hey there, RajaSyarifudin!

Welcome back! I’m sorry to hear about this. Given that it’s been two days, chances are the post was rejected. If you are inclined to figure out exactly what happened, I suggest sending a message to @moderators; they’ll be able to tell you the posts’ status.

Happy flying!

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When you are TL0, you have to get your posts approved by a moderator. If it’s been 2 days then it was most likely denied. But it appears that you’re TL1 so you won’t need to be approved anymore!

When you try posting topics such as this below, of course its not going to be approved.

As for your other posts, they appear to be feature requests but its unclear since the formatting of the topic was just 1 block of text. Too hard to read or an already existing feature that we have available here on the community.

I’d recommend taking a look at some of the other topics, feature requests, etc. prior to making a topic to ensure that things look somewhat… pretty.