Pending post missing

hello everyone,
Yesterday I submitted a livery request, it’s in pending. Now when I wake up the post disappeared, not submitted and not rejected, where can I find the post? Thanks

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Generally if it’s not posted within a few hours ( 12 max to give benefit of doubt) it’s been rejected. If you don’t mind me asking what livery was it?

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It is the Austrian Airlines A320 Star Alliance livery


This is the livery that I am requesting

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You are not allowed to request special liveries.

That is not a speacial livery. Alliance liveries are allowed.


Will there a notification if my post is denied?

How many photos did you include in your topic?

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There’s 2.

You are only allowed to have one.

Well that makes a lot more sense now because I had a request for all 3 ANA A380s and had 3 photos


Noted! Thank you😁

Answered your question as to why it was denied. 🙂