Pencil boi

Yo sup

I went spotting yesterday

First spot of the day - LY-KUA from Antalya (GJT7XU)

Ryanbadlandingair from Barcelona (RYR76UQ)(SP-RKU)(I got to speak with this aircraft’s crew whilst waiting for my bus back home :o)

Norwegian 738 bound for fish land (lithuanians are stealing jobs there)

airbaltic whale from Aalsmeerbaan

Finnair moment

Malaga bound Wizz (rizz)

Another Wizz bound for Beauveis (sadly not Eindhoven)

LOT E190 from Warsaw (smol plane)

Now its time for the long boi

how can this thing even take off
bound for Sharm-el Sheikh (QU7031)

ok thanks for watching bye

camera - Samsung A51 (i downgraded 💀)

shameless plug

cant wait to see my instagram follower count going up by 0


Nice spotting session !

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