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I incurred some significant penalties today for inadvertently allowing a flight to continue while I was called away for an urgent personal issue longer than I planned
I am not sure what the consequences of the penalties earned are and was hoping someone could explain what limitations I face and for how long


If you overspeeded under 10000’ or got a level 2 report depending on your stats you can go right back to expert.

If you got a level 3 violation you’d have to wait a week.

You can refer to your logbook. If you post a screenshot of your violation stats we can help and tell you how long you have to wait. Also if it’s a violation it might be worth a shot to see if it can be reversed.


There are different levels of violations, which are as follows:

Level 1 - These are automatically generated if a pilot violates any one of set conditions. If a pilot receives 3 or more in one flight, they will be automatically removed from the server and will have to start a new flight to return.

Level 2 - The pilot is disconnected from the server but can continue the flight offline. The pilot may return to the Expert server immediately by starting a new flight.

Level 3 - The pilot is disconnected from the server but can continue the flight offline. The pilot will not be able to return to the Expert Server after the flight has been ended, with access being restricted for 7 days following this.

If you check your logbook, it will mention the report reason and the level of the report.

Hope this helps you out mate and provides the answers you are looking for.

You can also contact the appeals team, if you believe that this violation should be reversed for level 2 and level 3 violations only.

Take care!


In addition to what has been provided, here is a link to the IF User Guide, section about Violations:


Thanks all who replied to my penalty inquiry for your help. I understand the penalty I received and the system much better now

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