Penalties while calibrating PS4 controller

Was trying to calibrate the PS4 controller prior to pushback… when I returned to the cockpit view I was tearing across a farmers field at 200kts. Hit a speed violation naturally. Has anyone else been penalized for this Or had this occur? Is there a way for IF to ensure there is A) either a warning NOT to do this during live mode or B) make sure that calibrating doesn’t translate to aircraft being controlled at that moment…

Just a thought. Lame penalty as a result.

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Hey! Please move this to #support please! Can you provide me with a replay so I can see what happened?

If this happened prior to pushback, the best way to make sure this doesn’t happen would be to make sure (1) the parking brake is set and (2) the engines are off or at idle

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I will send over when I figure out how.

This is not a Support issue.


You can use this to get a link that you can post here:

Cheers @cblaydes7

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How will a replay help? The situation is explained quite well.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to in terms of A.
Regarding B, perhaps. But it’s been like this since the dawn of time. Not a bad idea though :)

I don’t think he needs to post a replay, just wanted to share how to do it since he didn’t seem to know how and it could be useful in the future…

Well I uploaded regardless. Not great hitting back to back violations with little to no control over the situ. Any recourse on this? Or is it a live and learn moment?

Hello! This would be a live & learn moment. Messing around with control settings in the Live environment is a bit like asking for it :)

Come to think of it, B wouldn’t work since:

  1. Live sessions can’t be paused
  2. We don’t want to pause the control inputs while you’re calibrating and/or are making other control adjustments.

@schyllberg Regarding B. You could easily leave the controls as set prior to entering the menu… No one stands a chance to calibrate if you don’t… I actually hit three speed warnings today simply by trying to establish a new connection with an external device and fine tune it. I’d say that’s pretty rough going.

Both of those were the case. The calibration altered the throttle and it was in full throttle without me being able to know as I was trying to make adjustments

May I get a replay file, I would like to check by myself as I fly with controler too sometimes

No, as the calibration would not have any effect if we did.

You could however turn on the AP ;)

Either way, these things can happen to everyone and have most likely happened to most of us. Myself included. Not like my account is free from violations from silly mistakes either :)

Fair enough.

I uploaded it… somewhere.

Nope not here tho

nvm, thank you