Penalties for Flying Unsafely


It would be cool if there was a way to issue violations (and subsequent ghosting for too many violations) for flying unsafely. As noted in a previous post that has gotten out of hand, things like:

  • Runway Incursions (perhaps using unicom) when traffic is on short final
  • Turning into the flight path of another aircraft (or just getting too close) when that aircraft is on final

Sometimes it’s too hard to report a user, or perhaps you’re the only one who’s bothered by someone being a goon. It would be nice if there were some consequences.



How would IF know you are flying unsafe?


This would be a terrific idea, but it would require a lot of effort from the devs and would take a long time to implement to all portions of the sim.

As @Cameron said, it would be very hard for IF to know if you’re unsafe. Maybe IF could program some way to detect erratic maneuvers based on aircraft type or make the grass a no-go zone (Time it 5 secs. before penalty)…

But implementing all that and making the airport “smart” would take a long time, and upgrading each region would take forever.

Great idea, but unfeasible.

Best, Boeing707


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