PenAir to once again begin under new ownership!

Alaska Seaplanes offer will restore service to a handful of communities by early June if RavnAir Group and its creditors move quickly to consummate a sale.

RavnAir Group is currently in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

They initiated a plan to liquidate and dispose of its assets through a liquidation trust of which the PenAir certificate and assets are included.

Mike Stedman, Co-Owner of Alaska Seaplanes said spinning off PenAir’s operating certificate, prior to the first week in June, is critical as the certificate has only a small window of time before it expires and must be surrendered back to the FAA per government regulations.

“We are excited to begin a new chapter of PenAir’s history once again with Alaskan leadership, and a return to the spirit of service upon which the company was found, a culture of safety and community partnership that defines Alaska Seaplanes as well,” he added.


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