PenAir Saab 2000

Plane Specs:

Seats 54 people (PenAir modified theres to have 45 seats)
Cruise speed: 665 KM/H (360 KTS)
Max range: 1782 miles (1549 NM, 2868 KM)
Fully loaded range: 1357 miles (1180 NM, 2185 KM)
Engines: 3096kW (4152shp) Allison AE-2100A turboprops
Wing span: 24.76 M (81.3 FT)
Length: 27.28 M (89.6 feet)

About PenAir:

PenAir is an Alaskan based regional airline, which also operates small hubs in Boston, Denver, and Portland (OR). Out of those hubs, they operate flights to small-medium size airports within those regions. As of August 2017, they have 20 aircraft in service, 15 Saab 340B, 3 Saab 340A, and 3 Saab 2000 with orders for 2 more.

Now, what we’ve all been waiting for, this beauty. Just look at how sleek it is!


I feel that this is a beautiful plane, and a must-have if the Saab 2000 ever comes to IF. Just imagine flying around the unique terrain of Alaska and the west coast in this thing!

And as of today PenAir has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy…

Although, the Saab 2000 and this paint would be nice to see within Infinite Flight someday soon. I’m all for more props. 😁 Nice request!


Thank you! Yea I saw that on their Facebook page earlier. Pretty sad to hear, especially considering they served my local airport (KISP) for a little bit. I hope they can recover!

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Bankrupt or not that is one of my favorite liveries I’ve seen on a plane. Voted!

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It’s just two hubs that they closed Portland and Denver. they are still considered one of the largest regional hubs here in Alaska and would also like to see this added to the sim


This is a MUST have!

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There’s actually a request for this that was previously made:

However, it is rather bland and has been inactive for quite some time – over a year at this point.

Anywho, this request isn’t bad. It’s not worth my vote quite yet as I’m not sure if FDS has future intentions on adding the Saab 2000 aircraft for Infinite Flight. If that becomes the case, I’ll be sure to return back to this topic and submit a vote for it.


What a sleek plane and livery… Too bad I have my votes set on more important things.

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Yes! The “Saab” series would be an amazing edition to IF! 😃

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It looks like an E135, CRJ, and 737 all squeezed in one, then have some props thrown on it. I like the livery, gives a rustic feel.

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