PenAir FLT 3296 over runs runway at Unalaska

Coming in right now, a PenAir 2000 has run off the runway at Dutch Harbor what we know as of now the 2000 has over ran the runway. The Airport is shut down. The Airport is currently closed. One is confirm dead by the Alaska State Troopers.



Will update with more information as it comes in.

From the State of Alaska’s official Facebook Page.

At approximately 6 p.m., we were notified that a commercial aircraft was off the runway at the Unalaska/Dutch Harbor Airport. DOT&PF Airport Rescue and Fire is responding. The airport is currently closed. At this time we have no additional information. Early reports indicate that a high school sports team was onboard


Do you mind sending a link to the FB page? I can’t seem to find the images myself…

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Here’s the State of Alaska’s page

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Thank you!

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Welcome! Pictures are in the comments

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Looks like this is the aircraft:

It sure is 686PA. Use to be owned by NASCAR

More pics:


Unalaska? What, are they not in Alaska?

Just a bit of humour to cheer everyone up!

I hope everyone is ok!


Ha ha! That’s sooo funny


UNALASKA — A witness reports a commuter airplane has crashed near the airport in a small Alaska community on the Bering Sea.

Freelance photographer Jim Paulin says the crash at the Unalaska airport occurred Thursday after 5 p.m.

Paulin says the Peninsula Airways flight from Anchorage to Dutch Harbor landed about 500 feet beyond the airport near the water.

It was not immediately clear whether the airplane entered the water.

City Manager Erin Reinders was at the airport and says the plane was carrying members of a high school swimming team from Cordova and their guardians.

Unalaska police, fire and ambulance crews were at the airport assisting the passengers, who Paulin says appear to be largely unharmed.

Original Story
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Update from UnAlaska

Unalaska police, fire and ambulance crews were at the airport assisting the passengers. Some passengers were transported from the airport in an ambulance, but others left with the assistance of residents, Paulin said.

At least four people were injured, KUCB reported. Interim Police Chief John Lucking said there were no casualties, according to KUCB.

It was not immediately clear whether the airplane entered the water. The plane appeared to have been forced beyond its planned landing area by high winds the community has been experiencing recently, Paulin said.

Alaska Airlines is aware of the incident:

Alaska Airlines Flight 3296 operated by PenAir from Anchorage to Dutch Harbor, Alaska was involved in an incident during landing at 5:40 p.m. local time today.
There are 39 passengers and three crew members onboard. We’re still gathering information about the welfare of those onboard and the incident itself.
PenAir operates the Anchorage-Dutch Harbor service for Alaska with a Saab 2000 aircraft.
Flight 3296 departed Anchorage at 3:15 p.m. local time.


Hearing some insider information I won’t share here but the phone call with AS isn’t going be pretty tomorrow

Life Med did fly some one out to Coldbay to meet the Lear Jet


Sad to see this. As a fellow Alaskan, I feel for the high schoolers. Sounds like they were fine though. A story they can tell for years to come!

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That does look like extreme luck at the end of a very unlucky event.

Glad to hear there are no fatalities.

Have you any details on the runway length/weather conditions? (The street looks a bit wet though and I just read about the high winds).

Is there a mountain at the other side of the runway or a reason not to approach the runway from the other side?

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Yes Dutch is 4300ft. Weather yes but they pulled METAR down after the incident but there was a strong tail wind

Also yes Mt Boyu

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Alright, thanks! Is there a reason you can only approach from one side (e.g. terrain)?

Yes terrain I have some video of us flying into Dutch Harbor I’ll have to make it a public video

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