PEK Jetbridge/Stairs

Just spawned in PEK, anyone else having this issue with stairs automatically in the way?

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Hiya! This is actually intended with the new update. If you have auto engine start disable, it would automatically do the PAX for you (since most users do it anyway).
Enjoy the update!

No, the user is wondering why there is both stairs and a jetbridge, that’s the main issue here. There should only be the jetbridge


Haha yeah was just wondering why both were there lol

A A350 at ZBAA, at which Gate?
I couldn’t reproduce this on a random gate so far.


Wow I did not see it

Can you try an app restart and spawn again at the same gate? I met this issue once and respawning fixes it for me.

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Hi, it was gate 531 or 530 at Terminal 3E…. Weirdly it’s not there anymore lol so idk if it was a glitch or not

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I think this may have solved it haha

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