Pegasus Paradox

Pegasus is an airline brand from Turkey.

Pegasus is also the callsign of Indian Air Force (i didn’t know it, but i’ve learned it in the game, from callsign list)

Pegasus has a callsign: Sunturk (irl and in the game)

But, people in Turkey know Pegasus as Pegasus. People dont use callsign. Pegasus is well known name of brand.

I know i can choose Indian Air Force with callsign Pegasus but i would like to contact Atc as civilian airliner brand, Pegasus.😃

Make a request in the missing atc callsigns topic

It is not missing, Sunturk is in the callsign list. But i would prefer to say and to see Pegasus instead of Sunturk.

That’s the call sign that ATC uses for the airline though, they will call in with Sunturk ####. So do you want it to be pegasus instead? I don’t think they would change that as that’s not realistic.


What are you trying to say my friend, a callsign used by the atc dosent have to be the airlines name. You can change it to pegasus if u want but you cant change the sunturk callsign. Also if you use a millitary callsign it dosent show that ur using a military callsign, it will just show as pegasus. So ur free if u wanna use megasus or sunturk

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Maybe not the best video to showcase the airline, but in this live-recorded ATC video you can hear, that Pegasus pilots use the word “Sunturk” when communicating with ATC in real-life.


Do you mind linking a source which shows a pegasus aircraft being addressed with the pegasus classing instead of Sunturk? Otherwise, there is no reason this would be added as it would be unrealistic. The main purpose of an airline callsign is to identify aircraft to ATC and others not to act as a branding message. Like others have mentioned above you are also free to use an unrealistic callsign if you want.


Yeah i have no proof. I meant it would be nice if it was called as Pegasus. Civilian people call it as Pegasus and Pegasus is a callsign for military air force. That was the paradox.😃

Call sign isnt based on what people call it, callsign is based on what atc calls it. The reason its not pegasus is because it was taken by the IAF already! If you think that the callsign should be pegasus, you cant change it but u can use pegasus since most people in IF wont even know military callsings.

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