Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737

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I think the addition of Pegasus Airlines livery to Boeing 737-800 would be nice. It’d be something nice to see ;)

Here’s a picture of a Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737 :)

Photo here

I know this is a duplicate but here’s the old topic:

If you want to learn more about Pegasus Airlines, click here

The mods will close the other one because it’s old

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Yeah, I know. This is newer, it’s almost two years since that was opened.

EDIT: Thanks @MishaCamp ;)


Would like to see more livery from Turkey such as Atlasglobal,Pegasus,Freebird,Corendon,etc.


You know what, that’s really a good idea in my opinion since there’s only ONE Turkish livery, which is Turkish Airlines that you can find in 737-7/9 and 773ER.


Source here


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Im thinking about boeing 737 - 500 that have 4 small window on top of cockpit window…

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