Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800

The livery is 2nd low coast in Turkey.

(not my Photo)


Nice idea i see this airline sometimes at schiphol (EHAM)

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This is third low coast of Turkey and will be work up next year. there have already order more liveries. Want developed over Europe/Asia etc.

This livery is a partnership with Arr Lingus.

Polls are unnecessary. The Devs look at how many likes each feature request has.

I personally would like to see the livery.


i want deleted and changed ot but cant deleted or changed it

I wish next 2nd or 3rd Update this livery, wll be good friend with the Turkish Airlines. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Can you stop bumping your old threads please? :)

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🤓😉 T77W Roger stopped, am a classic man, love old threads.

Not a good excuse… Repetitive bumps can be really annoying