Pegasus Airlines 737 Runway Excursion - Front Of Aircraft Dislocated

Some refreshing news, considering the damage to the airframe, this is a miracle!


No fatalities yet, but a few injuries… :(

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Agreed. Hopefully like with every incident that important lessons are learned and applied.


I just breathed a huge sigh of relief 😅 Hopefully the injuries are minor as well

Dang! Looks like a pretty bad fall for TC-IZK

I’m glad everyone is alive (EDIT: 3 people perished 😞)

But the beautiful plane looks totaled 😔

Did an approach to this airport in IF now. 33 kts tailwind on final to rwy 06. Same rwy as they arrived on.

I am feeling terribly sorry for the people who have been injured, but could Pegasus stop overrunning/veering off the runway? There have been a lot of similar incidents with the same airline, it seems like bad training.

Passengers: “Well that was a bit bumpier than usual.”
I’m glad they are all alive, and hey, they got to where they needed to go.

I’m not exactly sure it was bumpier than usual for this particular airline

Holy crap! I’m glad everyone is okay.

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The last plane to have attempted a landing a couple of minutes before the incident was another 737 operated by Turkish. It made a go around, suggesting that it might not have been safe for landing at the time.


Isn’t this the second time this year Pegasus suffered a runway excursion?

Hope everyone’s okay

RIP the poor 737

Heard rumours about a imminent runway change shortly after the landing. Also it appears there was a high tailwind component on the approach to RWY06 at that time.

Nothing officially confirmed as far as I am aware though.


@Boeing737Flyer: There’s has been at least another one this year, correct:

Video of last moments:,Y5x3Guwifk-Ud9V58d8ZGA

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Turkish Health Minister reporting that one of the occupants has passed on. This is turning out to be worse as time goes.


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hmm… maybe it won’t fly again? Definitely won’t

Hope everyone is okay and recovers quickly

Hope everyone that’s injured recover soon. And as for the families of those effected, I wish them the best.

Definitely concerning for one airline to have two aircraft go off a runway in a month, and if I’m not mistaken another fairly recent similar incident. Ok, that’s not normal, I mean coincidences happen, and until this is all investigated that should be left on the table, but this needs a good look for sure…

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It appears that 3 deaths have been confirmed…

My heart goes out to all that have been affected. I will be praying for those that were injured.


Complete failure and incompetence of the crew, 9843 foot runway and they come in way too fast at 194 knots over the threshold (includes well over the 10 knot tailwind at 22 knots gusting to 37 quartering tailwind) on wet runway and instead of a simple go around they land on the last 1/3 of the runway over 6400 feet down with 3400 feet remaining.