Pegas Fly VP-BZJ E190


About Pegas Fly

Ikar Airlines LLC, operating as Pegas Fly is a Russian charter airline headquartered in Krasnoyarsk and based at Yemelyanovo International Airport but operates most flights from Moscow Zhukovsky International Airport

VP-BZJ History

Built for TACA International Airways in 2009, this plane was moved to Avianca Salvador Airlines and was there from 2013 to 2018. Then it was re-registrated to VP-BZJ and re-configurated to full economy configuration with 110 seats

Why do we need this?

This livery will add many Russian destinations such as Tomsk, Gorno-Altaysk, Novokuznetsk, Orenburg and more…
Since Pegas Fly is international airline, we will be able to fly into much Middle east and Asian destinations, like Osh, Yerevan, Navoiy, Gyumri and Belgrade.

we need this livery, it’s beautiful

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Beautiful livery! Got my vote. We need more russian liveries in IF.



Just voted for this.



Bumping this beauty

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It’s unfortunate that we didn’t get this beautiful livery with 22.8 (though understandable as we only have 4 votes). If we get more votes maybe we’ll get the livery some time in the future!

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