Peer report on Expert

I know for us serious flyers on Expert nothing grinds our gears more than someone who cannot follow the rules or does not know how to operate on Expert server. While ATC does a great job keeping the Expert server clear of those who misbehave when ATC is absent from a region it really comes down to the rest of the pilots on the server to enforce proper behavior. That being said please if you see someone on Expert not following Expert guidelines report them. Especially when it comes to airports. I’m not saying misuse your reporting privilege to get everyone on the server ghosted or someone that is going supersonic through a region, as that is an automatic violation. What I’m requesting is if you are at an airport or in the airspace of an airport, if someone violates protocol report them. For example if someone is reporting on final for an airport and you see them on a map, then someone announces take off and enters the runway when the person using the Unicom properly is on short report the user who enters the runway improperly. ATC is not on every server at every second of the day. A lot of serious expert users are tired of inexperienced players who do not know the etiquette of expert but if they aren’t reporting someone clearly disobeying server guidelines then their is little besides the automatic violation to enforce them when ATC is offline. It takes all of us as a community to make sure everyone is having a fun and orderly environment on live. We all have a responsibility to follow instructions, flying protocol, and uphold other flyers to that same standard. Happy flying all.


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