PedroG's ATC Tracking Thread TS1 (CLOSED)

Hey there IFC,

I’m starting to open up ATC at various airports in the Training Server. I hope you join me and I will notify in the title when I’m open, which facility, and in which airport. I will usually open for 30-60 minutes, feedback will be appreciated.
NOTAM: From now on please send feedback in a PM to me.


Open at Sciphol for 1 hour


Will be there in 2mn. Nasa 1

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Will be there in 5 mins

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@PedroG Will spawn again!!

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▪You told me to taxi to 18L, when 24 was right infront of me
▪Never got a clearence for option RNW24(thats why I went around)
▪After I announced go around you told me make left traffix RNW 18L. Thats incorrect. You should give me a proper pattern entry to change runway
▪When I requested runway change to 18L, you told me enter right downwind 18R. Even if you wanted to change RNWS it should have been left DW not right
▪ Again…very late clear command!! I was about to announce another GA but fortunatly you cleared me before I pushed the button
No exit command

You need to work on some thinks.Keep practicing!!


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Something for you @Thomas_G:

I told you to line up and wait runway 24 and took off. This is very risky, so please, don’t do that again.

I comprehend your feedback (thank you) and I will work on requirements. The winds were 230@10KTS at the time, so I required you to make left traffic 18L/18R because I did not want a 10KT tailwind landing. Again, I would like to thank you for the feedback and your giving time to accompany my controlling.



Yes @PedroG. Thats exactly why I did spawn again because you gave me line up and wait when noone was landing or taking off(I thought you were going to clear me for take off, thats why I did took off because I didnt have much time for patterns.Even though you have also made a mistake there,because you cleared me for take off without mentioning where to enter the pattern) And I didn’t told you anything about your rnw changes. Just if you want to make a runway change, make it correctly as stated above!!

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Great thread! Yes, please keep the title updated.
Maybe its not a bad idea to add the airport name in there, while you’re open.

Have fun, and don’t forget:

  • runways changes, require a new pattern entry instruction
  • sequencing is your friend. Re-sequence if needed. Anything for more clarity
  • timely clearance, but only when you are pretty sure of the landing sequence
  • watch your ground. Ground control is important. Use give-way instructions
  • only one landing/option clearance is needed. no need for a new one after the airport on final reports full-stop
  • there’s nothing wrong with a go-around

Thank you for the feedback! Really appreciated and I will take into account all these tips

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First of all thanks for opening

  • you said “pushback approved expect runway 27 and after pushing back you send me to 24. Next time don’t change the runways or only “pushback approved”.
  • no clearance that’s why I go around arround.
  • very close between me and that aircraft taking off from 18C.
  • why the “slowest practical speed” ? I was the only one on 18R there’s no reason for that command
  • no exit command after landing.



1: Sometimes, ATC displays speeds that are way above your actual speed, I thought you were at 220kts for landing, that’s why I told you to slow down.

2: Sorry for the pushback, I came to realization that 24 was the best option.

3: Exit command was not required because 18R only has exits at the bottom of the runway, and they’re in the left. If required, I will work on them.

Thank you for the feedback all!

It is shown in ground speed on the radar. You have to check the winds aloft before opening because that effects how much ground speed someone has.


@PedroG Remember also: You must always give exit commands!!

Roger that, will improve, might open this evening (EDT)

Speed is shown as ground speed and hence will usually be higher than the aircraft’s airspeed, especially if there are strong tailwinds on the approach (you should avoid that, but sometimes the pilot has different winds than you have and hence he can have a tailwind whilst your data says he should have a headwind). Secondly, I would personally never restrict aircraft’s speed unless A) there’s slower traffic in front of him, B) I’m on approach and need him to make a sharp turn, C) he’s doing a really ridiculous speed like 500kts on final, in which case I would probably ghost rather than restrict, especially if there’s A) slower traffic in front of him. Thirdly, always give exit commands, as they’re also used to inform the aircraft to change to ground. If you don’t give an exit command, I personally would exit the runway and request frequency change, which isn’t ideal for the pilot, nor the controller. I’ll try to stop by when you open so I can give further feedback 😉

I’ll try opening this evening by 2300Z

I’ll be asleep then, so maybe next time

Tomorrow? 1400Z, is it OK?

Nah I’m flying from where I live back home the day after so I’ll be packing tomorrow. I’ll try to squeeze some time in, but no promises