Pecos Bill P-51 Mustang Tragic Loss

I regret to inform yall, that the Very special P-51 Mustang Pecos Bill’s pilot was killed November 18th. He was at a airshow and flew over the crowd, then back over and dipped down below a tree line. Eyewitnesses accounts dont say that there was an explosion. He crashed in the parking lot of a hotel In texas. Eyewitnesses accountsts at the apartment complex say he was flying low and the planes left wing dipped a few times before the engine quit and the plane slammed into the ground exploding. Kevin Lacey was a good freind of him. I also knew him a little from when he stopped at kmkl. He was kindhearted and wanted to help kids get involved in aviation. During the crash he was taking a ww2 veteran on a flight. He does this for free for his fundraiser he calls “Pecos Bill”. There is no info on who the veteran was and what happened. This is a tragic loss. I got to see his beautiful plane in real life and it was the second best(0.01% away from 1st) day of the year for me.

I know it’s not in #real-world-aviationbut I’m not tl2 even though I should be. But I feel that this is to important to wait until then and the last time I asked for someone to do this for me i wasn’t aloud to do that.


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