Pearl of the Far East Flyout! [Departed]

Event bump for this underrated airport!

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Can I have this?

Sure, I’ll sign you up!

ill take this thank you

Sure, I’ll get you signed up!!

Bumping this!

This is the perfect event to use the VietJet livery on the A321!

This deserves a bump

Let’s get some more signups!

This event has a new sponsor! Go check out the Kansas City Flyout by @United403.

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can i please have this but with the 787-10 as that is what they use in real life

Sure. I’ll sign you up

This but A350-900 Vietnam airlines and destination SFO

@UALPilot unfortunately I can’t sign you up for that because it’s not a realistic route


Oh wait, ur right. I was looking under the wrong airline. I’ll sign you up

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No, sadly not :(

Would you like anything else?

Let’s bump this!

Don’t mind if I do

can i please change to this

I was wondering how long it would be before someone discovered that gate 😉