Peak Training Server hours

Hi all,

I’m currently trying to get TS ATC opps. under my belt to attempt another IFATC application and I was wondering if anyone knew the best times to control on the TS? Peak hours for the server or is it really just random? I try to stay away from the major airports due to pilots who ignore ATC instructions so it can be quite slow at times. Any help or suggestions are very much appreciated

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I’ve noticed people are most active between 1500Z and 1900Z, at least that’s how it is in europe.

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^ what he said
Also you can ping people who ask to be pinged. Like me when your open ping me and I’ll give you some traffic on TS and I’ll also tell a friend of mine to also join up

Open at EHAM for another hour (or so) and open at KBOS most days around this time! Any traffic is greatly appreciated

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I would strongly recommend creating an ATC Tracking Thread to assist with your practice before submitting an IFATC application. An ATC Tracking Thread is a fantastic way to announce where you’re open and assists in gaining some traffic.

Check out the guide below on how to create an ATC Tracking Thread:

Perfect thank you!

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