Peach Aviation Virtual | Merging with ANA | Current operations suspended

Welcome to the official Peach Aviation Virtual thread!

This thread and our website contains all the information you need to know about PAVA! Check out our site and thread, you may just like what you see! We hope to see you soon!

Website|Join us|Instagram

about_us_423740About us

Peach Aviation Virtual is an IFVARB certified Virtual Airline based on the real world airline, Peach Aviation. At PAVA we try to simulate the real life operations of Peach Aviation but at the same time allow our pilots to truly enjoy flying. We promise a group of professional, friendly and helpful pilots at PAVA. You’ll be able to earn money and manage your career, fly real life Peach routes and meet tons of more individuals who have the same passion of aviation as you. We promise an experience no other VA can provide!

Learn more about PAVA on our website here.

pink-plane-clipart-1 The Peach Fleet

An all Airbus fleet, and we’re proud of it.

The Peach Aviation Virtual fleet currently consists of the Airbus A320, and soon we’ll be welcoming the Airbus A321 to the fleet. At the moment, we also have 2 codeshare aircraft available to fly for Peach pilots, the 777-300ER and the 787-9 which are operated by ANA Virtual.

The A320, sometimes known as the worlds most sophisticated and advanced aircraft is the heart of PAVA. This incredible aircraft is used by Peach due to its extreme efficiency, performance and range and many pilots call flying the A320 a “dream”, and we have to agree with them.

Partnership/codeshare aircraft

787-9 - Operated by ANA Virtual on select routes
777-300ER - Operated by ANA Virtual on select routes

Find out more about our fleet here.

ModernXP-73-Globe-icon The Peach Routes

Peach Aviation Virtual only operates routes that are operated by the real world Peach Aviation in order to keep a sense of realism. PAVA currently has more than 60 flights loaded into the flight dispatch database that can all be flown by Peach Virtual pilots. Our flight dispatch database is loaded with all real life Peach flights and pilots have access to flight information including flight time, maps and flight speeds. We even have a discord bot that can bring up airport charts by the click of a button, exclusive to PAVA pilots!

Check out our flight database here!

website-icon-18 Our Website

The Peach Aviation Virtual website is a website that was designed with practicality, functionality and simplicity in mind. You can find everything you need to know about our VA on our website! Pilots can log flights, find a flight to fly with maps, speeds and flight times and so much more. You can even get charts and METAR information for any airport with the click of a button!

Go ahead and check out our site to explore more awesome features!

multimedia Communications

We are proud to be using Discord as the official form of communication at PAVA. Discord allows us to keep our communications organized with different channels, bots and much more! On our server, pilots can generally chat about life, talk about aviation or even receive airport briefings! Did you know we even have a personal Discord bot that provides pilots with METAR information, Charts and NOTAMS!

x24587 The Peach Team

The Peach Team is here to make sure that everybody’s time at PAVA is fun and enjoyable as well as making sure Peach Virtual is running up to standard. The Peach Team is split into 3 different departments: Senior leadership, Human Resources and Operations. These 3 departments all work together to make sure PAVA is running smoothly as a whole.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO): @TheCoolPilot
Chief Operating Officer (COO): @Brayden_McNeal
Human Resources manager: @Jack_Q
Operations manager: Hiring, simply send a PM to @PeachVA with a paragraph on why you are suited for the position and why you want to be our operations manager.

Learn more about The Peach Team and the different staff roles on our staff page.

557169-200 The Peach Ranks

The PAVA ranking system allows pilots to climb through the ranks from a second officer all the way up to a senior captain. As you move to the next rank, your salary will increase, you’ll gain awards and perks and so much more.

Cadet: 0-8 hours ($48/hr) Only for Grades 1 and 2
Second officer: 8-19 hours ($89/hr) Grade 3 pilots start at this rank
First officer: 19-34 hours ($136/hr)
Captain: 34-58 hours ($204/hr)
Training Captain: 58+hours ($248/hr)

Want to learn more about our ranks? Head over to our ranks page!

Join us!

Like what you see? Well don’t hesitate to join us! We don’t set any age requirements or grade requirements, everyone is welcome! Click this link to send in your application for Peach Aviation Virtual!

Let us know what you think of our thread!
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Established October 13th 2018


Peach Virtual, Looking Great! Amazing thread. The best part:

all airbus aircraft and your proud 💪

Also, I like how an their is an Earth emoji, similar to my picture.


There WE go!

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Thank you for your comment! We really appreciate it!

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Thread looking amazing PAVA!!! Great job!


Well done peach!


Thank you @SkysTheLimit87 ! We’re so glad you like it!

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Incredible effort Peach! I am on the Discord already, so expect an application from me soon!

i like peaches 🍑


Fantastic! We can’t wait to have you aboard! And we guarantee you’ll love Peaches even more when you join!


Lookin’ peachy, guys! ;)
Good luck, and welcome to the VA community!


Alright my application is in! I’m ready for a new life in IF!


Fantastic! I’ll just approve it now! Expect an approval soon!

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I was looking for a VA in that area, expect an application from me too, amazing website and thread so why not… :)


Incredible inspiring thread! Well done!

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Your application is approved! Hope to see you soon!


You’re all set. Your application approval should be in your email!

This is amazing!


Welcome to the VA community! Good luck!
Sincerely, WJVA and WEVA


Thank you! Best of luck to your VA’s as well!

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Thank you!

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