Peach Airlines Airbus A320

Still not done. First Mango airlines, now Peach airlines… LOL! This livery is noice! :)


Damn… Fruity airlines!


Reminds me of Wizz air


Plot twist CEO of apple makes an airline and has an iPhone 6 ad everytime you want to watch a movie in the plane.


Duplicate (ish)
the liveries look too similar however.

This isn’t my fault. 😂 I searched for the whole title, found nothing. Devs have to fix this search glitch.

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You literally just had to search “Peach” and it was one of the first results. There is no way you searched “Peach Aviation A320.” Next time just use certain keywords.

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I searched for Peach Airlines A320…

Because you searched that, the result was broken because the post does not contain the word “Airlines”
Just do something as simple as the airline name and scroll through the results.

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No worries sir, next time just try every single possible search term

From Peach Airlines to Peach
From Airbus A320 to A320

Boeing wise it’ll be harder as people can either type 737 or B737, if you get what I mean hahaha

I guess the search engine isn’t as penetrative as we think :3

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I’m pretty sure the devs don’t control the coding and programming on the website… Discourse does
Anyway, I love this livery! Reminds me of Wizz and Wow Air :-)

So this is a duplicate?

Lol… everyone has been calling it Peach Airlines when it is actually Peach Aviation 😂😂

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