Peach A320-200

Photo cred to Donal Morrissey - Peach A320-200 JA816P | Peach A320-214 Reg: JA816P departing… | Flickr

Peach , officially Peach Aviation Limited (ピーチ・アビエーション 株式会社, Pīchi Abiēshon Kabushiki Gaisha ), is a Japanese budget airline based in Tajiri, Osaka Prefecture. Its head office is at Kansai International Airport in Osaka. (per Wikipedia)

I thought this was already in the simulator. No?


Hey there!

Infinte flight already has this airplane and livery:

If there was another livery, that could work!


Yeah I’m an idiot. I double checked and somehow missed it both times lol. Oops

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No worries at all, and you aren’t an idiot ;)

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